AI Diagnosis - 2019 Novel Coronavirus Resource (2019nCoVR)

Intelligent Diagnosis System for Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

Serving the Frontline Clinicians

Screening and Assisted Diagnosis System for Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) based on Chest X-ray and CT Imaging

Big Data and Deep Learning

Based on previous analysis and study of 500,000 clinical imaging data, serve pathologist by artificial intelligence technology in the field of natural language processing and image analyzing.

Chest X-Ray and CT imaging

The accuracy rate of diagnosis of COVID-19 and other viral pneumonia based on chest X-ray images is 95% and 92%, and the accuracy of diagnosis of COVID-19 based on CT images is 95%.

Predict Severe and Critical COVID-19 Patients

In combination with the size of lung lesions and other related parameters, predict patient's blood oxygen saturation and the degree of damage to other organs, and diagnose pneumonia and multiple organ failure caused by novel coronavirus precisely.

Assist Drug Screening for COVID-19

Predict the size and change of each lesion precisely through quantitative analysis of all the lesions of patients. It can be used as criteria for clinical trials of drug screening.