Images Download - 2019 Novel Coronavirus Resource (2019nCoVR)


    Published:24 April 2020 | Version 2.3 | DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.04.045

Description of this dataset

Dataset of the CT images and metadata are constructed from cohorts from the China Consortium of Chest CT Image Investigation (CC-CCII). All CT images are classified into novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) due to SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, common pneumonia and normal controls. This dataset is available globally with the aim to assist the clinicians and researchers to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Please cite this paper

Kang Zhang, Xiaohong Liu, Jun Shen, et al. Jianxing He, Tianxin Lin, Weimin Li, Guangyu Wang. (2020). Clinically Applicable AI System for Accurate Diagnosis, Quantitative Measurements and Prognosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia Using Computed Tomography.

Cell, DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.04.045


Experiment data files

Data is available on the following tabel. The data is structured as follows:

  1. to 31 zip files which contain CT scans of COVID-19 pneumonia.
  2. to 32 zip files which contain CT scans of common pneumonia.
  3. to 27 zip files which contain CT scans of normal controls.
  4. metadata.csv : csv file that contains the metadata of this dataset, including patient id,scan id,age,sex,critical illness,liver function,lung function, and time of progression.All of the chest CT and clinical metadate used in our prognosis analysis were collected from patients at the time of hospital admission.
  5. unzip_filenames.csv: csv file as a reference for users to check and make sure that all files have been downloaded successfully.
  6. lesions_slices.csv: csv file for users to check and track the slices with lesions in the dataset.
unzip_filenames.csvA filename list as a reference for users
lesions_slices.csvSlices with lesions in the dataset
Categories Files Size MD5 summary  
NCP 893M 646ede777322df8943ec7067a1ba9ba8 download 698M 21a475573918a8d45da1e248d87e3f93 download 427M d26111006ec8df54221c8c509c68ba90 download 760M 51e3763f1a69849d4b949811ece375ee download 705M 5c3f19a0959a66e9bd5179011e87a25c download 773M 2777fe9c7a7c90cac1b6c50d340a9f87 download 660M 0df92aa8795f4046fdc56542b531aef7 download 589M c9d457d69cb678c27ead355a17f3380e download 301M 1b528ff2d83710f7d816619da10f9434 download 454M f4f48448380ecb92a96ac414594ec584 download 713M be190128316c2756e13e5c6e9e47fb6d download 759M c32c5248f85cb04ac0ac5946d139d020 download 747M 3c671a75d6af7312a4af6ecb94f13b00 download 744M a9803e43f91eff881d0afae8e414b9f2 download 795M 456198cbc4a222861006ddecc37f967d download 719M 645509326a3f3bbd36d525095e26948a download 823M 4acbd1f392cf840416dae9d9a3a7e004 download 824M 6a5de2cc152c8aeae5f6dcb63ba0aa84 download 725M cdf570ac5f23b6fc240442d404aa64fe download 756M df7ca335eab0aab2e768a582ae4578d0 download 690M 546d4872f39d0b54fa7a3b25f6d5654c download 881M ea76424c32f83de86db4f46619223603 download 544M c9149ed63827d40e4b2f15affa7684a3 download 188M f4c0a689044b9a8bbd5222d5f1148f65 download 253M d80b135c66da5c08b5d0612ff3210d9a download 216M b611fc401fb4f76e5610a11630b95dc2 download 76M 2ef915eac4a941a4c60a5c3ffce07e75 download 115M 145bfe3027adff565dba2aad1c73097a download 80M 513d4ea0201aa4132532fb39807f0cfa download 87M b2fa22cd2701a0e901385ad3de151153 download 1.5M 5ac9d2068a5a08d5294d86bb8382d09c download
  metadata.csv 11k fd6df069b616b0dc03409a33b03213bb download
Common pneumonia 1.2G d90c627392e0ae6829e98927d570df8a download 1.4G 34c4630dd496d9082854814a1368973c download 1.2G 0c7f0dee52a1fa9364128ab615ee1af2 download 1.2G 2a699acf9c2147252a33205ea48f8193 download 1.3G f6bd00ee51eb1a6083376d3a34f97651 download 1.1G 2fb6b67c550db2a37961892246a72d86 download 2.5G a47b8cc8ad969ae9dff2af8769162c0f download 601M 648bc0b35ef19796437cc629b3a491b3 download 728M d63d3644ef3b92a353c30cf0d609a2e9 download 650M 45a910e876eac5c751d9ee07426872a2 download 747M a28ad387a9e2d3460a1446d99f9eafcc download 699M 8a2fb9056aa3e6012c166e6d8ee752d2 download 737M bff8ccf23c80b1bb7c032ec2795e7d0a download 722M d1e3e7b3036b60c59210335ce7cea7c6 download 250M 7a93a186fd4aae6f1870a8a6066ad290 download 84M c2e95ee63814b22dc517156d47976216 download 95M 12374c1c4b4fcc3309b76fbb3579d837 download 670M 8f46c5fee63821dc7d5b161a250bcebd download 1.1G 23a4a16861b12e62cab21fa63ddae011 download 463M 6ee2f35aa0776934a1f3fa83343aecbd download 803M cef2eb2e58a109b248a7e7e7fc6747cf download 529M c7885d5bb09c9e5a356aa521e15a1014 download 698M c575f5085024427612709ed66729b1d6 download 533M 5f2708b8c148f3a78fed25fc99511bbb download 939M eb572fd3a0fc65f9d12f197a9548e499 download 1.4G bd852f3b96a42cb49856afab6a97f8e8 download 115M ba449d972a6db8898aef42724350ff26 download 96M 09a88962508557a3802ffeca56a4c776 download 95M 916bbcfca6956e0293d6120bb555c279 download 366M 546282402fb168ddf367c8054a1d2fec download 38M e6baa24c40a4d3af671b4e59ab1eac67 download 6.2M f5ec8357c92624096c9d6047a4370f56 download
Normal controls 1.6G 84e4726cd85a39f076a66360f101d87d download 1.3G 01da6bf576d1a72de84c24be0cf697d3 download 1.3G 59ff5fe945e27a2e469cc65ac867cc1f download 1.3G 5d5bd5dc386d31a1b642a150b83e07b4 download 555M 5cc7d5ae6129f408ac345114d9b045e0 download 100M 46cd8b78c8e7cc8c9330dd074fbf9e68 download 86M c6b84530f7e8fd8b388d4a1e541990ac download 86M b7fe51d38ad619f4994662257225084e download 98M a43e5f82b8f76a3bbd094c4989ef7201 download 98M a705fa662c22507d4ab9cf2141889216 download 97M 9a0e3252a85ba328fcfc38d51e775cc7 download 94M 83c2f0b9919007386b1b3bdd04565394 download 80M c91e891624f1fb9063844032dae0fa48 download 84M c0af103aa7a59482a5bea4651cbac142 download 70M 120f74e022ab0b6cf4099aaa4a910d0c download 71M a35002e2c9ad071f4dfc456c9221e29b download 88M 01baa1b85459a8b6ee4c4dfc1b7db8b6 download 87M 5795b7fde40a946c0ba27fc6fd5113a9 download 76M c2aafe6be3c84cf3aa0e78db3fff1014 download 70M 144e77fc3c655d648669732258daadb0 download 117M fe726ae7f654dc6e84cf8552db22ad33 download 48M c39a599d96777b75f65a80b5154e4e85 download 22M 764d9ed9c2b7fd28550ef216ca270018 download 19M 4b10f0fa2b6377c1f97ded2dc95e754d download 887M b64df48a417d850ca6af3888b3594c96 download 397M 241c8264fe23bcd5a81ab8156cd8baa5 download 440M b1380b0f4c31fe6d9f7064bf815bbdfa download
Experiment data files

Lesion segmentation dataset of the CT slice images from the China Consortium of Chest CT Image Investigation (CC-CCII). A total of 750 CT slices from 150 COVID-19 patients were manully segmented into background, lung field, ground-glass opacity (GGO), and consolidation (CL).

FilesSizeMD5 summary
Change log

Version 2.3

Released 2020-08-12

  1. Add a description to metadate.csv of the Experiment data files section.

Version 2.2

Released 2020-07-03

  1. Add lesion segmentation dataset.

Version 2.1

Released 2020-06-04

  1. The official link to the published paper is updated.

Version 2.0

Released 2020-06-01

  1. MD5 file summary is added to each file for users to check the integrity of the files after downloading.
  2. Correct some error mappings from the patient ID and scan ID to metadata in the metadata.csv file.
  3. and files with decompression error after downloading are uploaded again.
  4. Add unzip_filenames.csv file for users to check and make sure that all files have been downloaded successfully.
  5. Add lesions_slices.csv file for users to check and track the slices with lesions in the dataset.

Version 1.0

Released 2020-04-23

  1. Release the base dataset.